Editorial Director

Daina Goldfinger is the reporter and multimedia creator for the Ryerson Review of Journalism‘s Covering Disasters project. She is the RRJ‘s digital senior editor and copy chief, and a master of journalism student at Ryerson University. Daina is passionate about reporting on science, health, and social justice. She has contributed to Toronto Life, This Magazine, and Alternatives Journal, among others, and is an incoming spring-fall 2018 Walrus fellow.



Project Illustrator

Teddy Kang is a designer (natural storyteller) and illustrator (fantasy creator) based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for design and creativity, he works with a variety of clients around the globe to create visual solutions. He is also one of the 25 most creative visual artists in the world who are under the age of 25, awarded by Adobe in 2015.


Web Director

Lindsay Hanna is the digital content and web design specialist for the Ryerson School of Journalism. She joined the Ryerson staff in 2004 after completing her bachelor of journalism. She also works as a freelance web designer and multimedia consultant for numerous clients, providing advice on advancing their online and brand presence and on the development of company and personal websites.






Videographer and Film Editor

Etye Sarner


Maria Iqbal

Graphics Editor

Sally Goldberg Powell


Amy Van Den Berg

Sunday Aken

Zoe Melnyk


Ben Waldman

Karoun Chahinian

Maria Iqbal

Matthew Ouellet

Handling Editor

Sonya Fatah